Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Howard Dean and the MSM Free Ride

Aaron from has an excellent post about the Howard Dean good and evil comment.

"Moderate Republicans can't stand these people (conservatives), because they're intolerant. They don't think tolerance is a virtue," Dean said, adding: "I'm not going to have these right-wingers throw away our right to be tolerant." And concluding his backyard speech with a litany of Democratic values, he added: "This is a struggle of good and evil. And we're the good." (Ken Mehlman would have been browbeaten had he said this.)

Aaron rightly asks where the outrage is from the Republican party at being deemed evil by Dr. Dean. In addition, his post has a quote from an attendee of Dean's speech who thought that the new DNC chair hadn't been forceful enough. Aaron's right...scary.

How about outrage over this one made to the Congressional Black Caucus?

"You think the Republican National Committee could get this many people of color in a single room? " Dean asked to laughter. "Only if they had the hotel staff in here." (Trent Lott lost his job as senate majority leader over less.)

Or, what about his Kerry-worthy flip-flopping on the issue of religion in politics?

Southerners have to quit basing their votes on "race, guns, God and gays." (see this article in which Dr. Dean also takes a swipe at Jeb Bush over the Terri Schiavo case)

yet...he's opposed to gay marriage "because marriage is very important to a lot of people who are pretty religious." more here.

The good and evil comment is especially annoying given the fact that it came from the same man who didn't want to prejudge Osama bin Laden; however, it appears that the good doctor is going to get a free ride from the MSM.