Saturday, October 09, 2004

Random Thoughts

On the way home from vacation and finally have Internet access again. Actually, we had it but only if we were willing to pay a hefty fee. No thanks. I'd rather buy more souvenirs for the girls.

Just finished watching the opening of Saturday Night Live. First time I've watched it in years. They opened with a parody of last night's debate that was hilarious.

Since we didn't have the Internet readily available while we were gone we handed off maintenance of the blog to Sister Sophist. Thanks to her for keeping things going while we were out of pocket. She continues to impress me with her breadth of knowledge on a variety of subjects. Anytime I can't find some piece of information I need, I know I can turn to her and she'll know it or know where to find it.

We also didn't watch any news during the week. It was both strange and refreshing. It felt a little odd being out of touch with what was going on in the world. However, when we turned on the news tonight we realized we hadn't missed much. The break from the constant influx of information was much needed.

We did take time last night to watch the presidential debate. I'll have some thoughts on that in the next couple of days. I'm still mulling over some things I observed during the debate. The bottom line is President Bush clearly won this debate.

Kudos to Charles Gibson for his outstanding job moderating the debate. The questions selected were equally tough on both candidates. The questions were also refreshingly direct - not something we are accustomed to seeing from the MSM.

Bill O'Reilly said last night after the debate that he was willing to meet with Senator Kerry anytime to do the same type of interview he did with President Bush. I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for the Senator's call.

We spent at least a couple of days over at Disney World. Even celebrated my birthday in the Magic Kingdom. At least I was able to act and feel like a kid and not be ashamed.

The reason Disney World is the best place to take the family for vacation is the folks who work there (in Disneyspeak they are called cast members). Hats off to two cast members in particular - Kat at Cape May Cafe and Teresa Marie at O'Hana who made our visits especially memorable.

Apparently there is a new program that Disney has that allows college students to come work at the parks for a semester and continue to take college courses. It gives them a taste of working for Disney while allowing them to continue their studies. We met a lot of students while we were there (it was the first time we noticed that there were college students working in the parks) and across the board they all were enjoying the experience. I can only imagine how cool it is to work there. I keep saying to Mommypundit that when I retire we should relocate to Orlando so we can go work at Disney World.

More to come soon.