Saturday, October 30, 2004

Where is our Passion?

As you may know from earlier posts, our nine year old has been interested in all things political this year. She routinely boos and cheers at yard signs. She's attended several political events and has been eager to help distribute campaign information.

It came as a shock to us, however, when she wanted to watch the Republican National Convention. She was transfixed by the strange hats, the boisterous activity, and the really loud music. We thought her attention to the speeches was nominal. That was until Michael Reagan spoke. He said, "My mother, father and birth-mother were pro-life, and pro-adoption."

Our daughter turned to us and asked, "What's pro-life?"

When we explained, in the vaguest of terms, what abortion is, our daughter asked, "Is that legal in this country?"

When told that it is legal, she burst into uncontrollable tears. She was appalled. I tried to console her, but there were no words. It was then that I realized how jaded I had become to the slaughter of millions of innocent babies each year. Once, I had been passionate about them, volunteering at the Crisis Pregnancy Center.

In this election cycle, security had been my main concern. Other people spoke of jobs, the economy, and education. While all these are important issues, the issue of abortion had somehow fallen victim to the fear of political incorrectness.

I was adamantly opposed to Kerry and our Congressman Rick Boucher because of their stand on abortion, but it was second or third on my list of reasons to vote against them.

After that night, my determination was set, my passion renewed. We had a presidential candidate and a congressman who acted as if abortion was a "wrenching" issue for them, despite the fact that both had voted in favor of the most heinous form of the procedure, partial birth abortion.

Part of my motivation for starting this blog was to let anyone who would listen hear the record of these two candidates. Kerry claims to be against abortion (HT: The Corner's KLopez). Yet he votes time and time again along with the strictest pro-abortion agenda. Boucher has been called "somewhat more liberal than his district (Bible-belt SW Virginia)" by the local media, but gets consistent high ratings and financial support from NARAL and Planned Parenthood.

We cannot continue to vote for someone because of economics, jobs, security, etc. no matter how important those issues are and turn a blind eye to their support of the killing of millions of innocent babies.

The National Right to Life Committee has an interesting article called Pursuing Moral Clarity that sums up this issue quite well. I'd encourage you to read it.

Friday, October 29, 2004


I was amazed (silly me) that John Kerry spoke to cameras shortly after today's release of the UBL tape. His message (which preceded the President's) should have been delayed until our sitting President had had a chance to speak to the American people.

I was reading an article today from my copy of Discipleship Journal titled "Sitting in the Right Place." Author, Cynthia Heald, says, "Presumption is forwardness, self-importance, conceit, arrogance, and willfulness. To be presumptuous is to overstep certain boundaries or to take liberties. It conveys the attitude of impertinence, insolence, or disdain."

Kerry overstepped today when he chose to speak to and on behalf of the American people before our sitting president.

Also today, this article on Kerry's cabinet. Isn't that, too, a little presumptuous?

Heald concludes the article with this verse "Everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted." Luke 14:11

UPDATE: Here's the text of Kerry's comments from the official Kerry-Edwards blog:

"In response to this tape from Osama bin Laden, let me make it clear, crystal clear. As Americans, we are absolutely united in our determination to hunt down and destroy Osama bin Laden and the terrorists. They are barbarians. And I will stop at absolutely nothing to hunt down, capture or kill the terrorists wherever they are, whatever it takes. Period."(emphasis added)

Notice that Kerry uses this as another opportunity to give his stump speech. He says "I" not "we." Even with this's always about him.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Evidence, please

Some things I'd like cleared up about John Kerry:

Maybe you have some questions you'd like to add.

UPDATE: Deacon over at Powerline gives us another. Have Kerry's military records been released?

UPDATE II: This is starting to remind me of the Bad Boyfriend post. Remember your friends who wouldn't believe their boyfriend was lying even though it was obvious to everyone else? This feels a little like the time I walked into my niece's room before her wedding and offered her a ride to leave. (The guy was an abusive jerk who had her completelly snowed...they eventually ended in a messy divorce)

See this great interview over at Dean's World (HT: Michelle Malkin) with Steve Gardner for a first-hand account of Kerry's Christmas in Cambodia story and more.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Your vote matters. Posted by Hello

Monday, October 25, 2004

Boucher "Somewhat More Liberal Than His District"

The following is a letter I sent to the editor of the Roanoke Times related to their editorial endorsement of Rick Boucher.

To the editor:

I recently read your editorial endorsement entitled “In 9th, let Boucher keep taking care of business” on your web-site.

There were points in the endorsement with which I took great exception.

“He is somewhat more liberal than his district overall…”

Seven votes to allow partial birth abortion would put him squarely to the left of his constituents. He has consistently voted in lockstep with Planned Parenthood and militant pro-abortion group NARAL, two of his major contributors. They each gave him a 100% score on his pro-abortion stance. Most constituents of the ninth district who are pro-choice or pro-life believe that there is some common sense middle ground on this issue.

“His approach serves the nation well on issues such as health care, Social Security and homeland security.”

I suppose by this, you’re not including his vote against supplemental spending for our troops in Iraq or his vote to raise taxes on Social Security.

Constituents should take a look at Boucher’s voting record and see if they feel their values and interests are being adequately represented in Washington. As for me, I’ll vote for someone else to “take care of business.”

For more, read Daddypundit's post Boucher is running from his record.
To contribute to Boucher's opponent (and give GWB more support in Congress) visit

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Are Conservative Women Fair Game?

There apparently exists a double standard when it comes to the treatment of women. Conservative women that is.

The Ann Coulter attack by two pie-wielding men this week was appalling. I have no problem with dissenters attacking her ideology; however, an act of physical violence by two men on a woman would never before have received kudos from the left.

Michelle Malkin, who has an excellent post about the Coulter incident and the various left-wingers who reveled in this altercation, was on the receiving end of a verbal assault earlier this year on Hardball. While Chris Matthews didn't hurl pies at her, Michelle had to spend the segment dodging his spit as he verbally harangued her, not giving her the opportunity to respond.

It gave me pause to think that people would applaud the attempted assault of a woman (albeit with pies) in this day and age.

We know from the attack on Mary Cheney that you don't have to be a vocal advocate of conservative values to be in the line of fire. Her mere association with a conservative (her father) made her "fair game" for the liberal attack machine. We sure didn't hear from the usual suspects in the women's movement defending her.

I thought the women's movement was about giving women freedom. Freedom to express themselves, for one thing. Apparently, you're only allowed that freedom if your views are in lockstep with Gloria Steinam.

UPDATE: First Michelle Malkin is verbally attacked, then Ann Coulter is attacked with pies, now Katherine Harris is nearly run down by some Cadillac driving maniac exercising his "political expression." Where does this kind of madness stop?

UPDATE: The guys at Powerline have more information. They share my concern over this type of violence.

Kerrys Attend Church

What's a potluck? Posted by Hello

Daddypundit has an interesting post about playing politics in church.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

We're Electing a First Lady, Too

For another compelling reason to vote for President Bush, take a look at Sistersophist's historical parade of successful First Ladies.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Bad Boyfriend Syndrome - Why Single Women Shouldn't Vote for Kerry/Edwards

We are very concerned about a story we heard today. It seems that married women are more strongly favoring the President, while single women are supporting the Democratic ticket.

This post is intended to encourage single women to reconsider their candidates. We are not trying to strong-arm anyone into changing her opinion; rather, this is an attempt from "older sisters" to warn "younger sisters" away from a bad choice.

We have been there. We have dated the "bad boyfriends." We know the signs and wish to spare our younger sisters the pain of entering a "bad relationship."

Think about it, you know the guys. You've dated them and may even be dating one now.

You are bright women. Don't get taken in by the "bad boyfriends."

Mommypundit and Sistersophist

UPDATE: If he tells you he resuscitated a hamster or met with the entire UN Security Council, you might want to pass on him, too.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

A Humbling Experience

When we first started this blog almost two months ago we had no idea how God was going to choose to use it, much less whether anyone would actually read it besides ourselves.

This morning I received quite a shock when a friend of mine called this morning to say that our blog was mentioned by Hugh Hewitt in his column this morning for The Weekly Standard. Full disclosure: after Mommypundit posted this last night, I encouraged her to e-mail the post to Hugh Hewitt since he had previously linked to our blog for his web symposiums here (scroll down to the Monday 9:25PM group - the previous symposium is not archived but you can read the post here) But I never imagined that our little blog would be singled out in an article appearing on a major media outlet’s website. It’s a great honor and very humbling at the same time. While the temptation of the flesh would be to boast about this, the Bible reminds me of this:

“Let not the wise man boast of his wisdom, or the strong man boast of his strength, or the rich man boast of his riches. But let him who boasts boast about this: that he understands and knows me, that I am the LORD, who exercises kindness, justice and righteousness on earth for in these I delight, declares the LORD.” Jeremiah 9:23-24

To Hugh Hewitt, thank you for the inspiration to start this blog. We are honored and humbled that you chose to highlight us from among the literally thousands of blogs that you could have selected.

To those who are paying us a visit for the first time, thank you for checking in with us. We hope that you will visit with us frequently.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Get a (real) job!

Captain Ed has a great post today called "Billionaire Widow Sniffs: Laura Bush Never Had a Real Job."

The Heinz-Kerry/Edwards camp has topped itself in its own expertise - leveling personal insults at the opposing camp's family. After the attacks on Dick Cheney using the personal life of his daughter, you would have thought they might have learned a lesson. They tried to disguise that debacle by saying that they were actually complimenting the vice-president's family on how they had shown love to their daughter. That was until Mary Beth Cahill and Elizabeth Edwards went outside the playbook and said, respectively, that Ms. Cheney was "fair game" and that her mother must be ashamed of her.

This week, Theresa Heinz, implied through her statements that she would make a better first lady because she had had a "real" grown-up job. Captain Ed does an admirable job comparing and contrasting the careers of Ms. Heinz and Mrs. Bush so I won't comment further on that.

The problem that I see with Theresa's statements about Laura are two-fold. Number one, polls show that Mrs. Bush is well-liked among swing state voters, undecided voters, and even voters in the Democratic party. Bad, bad form to insult someone who is so well liked and highly respected. Especially, someone who never has an unkind word to say.

Second, every woman (and man, too) who has made the choice to stay at home and raise their children will be alienated and infuriated by these statements. I have been a stay-at-home mom for the last six years. Before that, I worked first in the school system and then in the corporate world. When I was in my office, I could ask my assistant to hold my calls so that I could complete an important project. After coming home to my two (beautiful) daughters, I was on call 24/7. I couldn't even go to the bathroom without interruptions, let alone complete the many household tasks that I had to do.

I have had friends who were highly successful businesswomen, call me in tears because they couldn't get their two-year-old to stop coloring on the walls. Parenting IS a "real job."

Monday, October 18, 2004

Why I'll Vote for George W. Bush

When Samuel was giving his farewell speech to the people of Israel, he admonished them, "If you fear the Lord and serve and obey him and do not rebel against his commands, and if both you and the king who reigns over you follow the Lord your God - good! But if you do not obey the Lord, and if you rebel against his commands, his hand will be against you as it was against your fathers." 1 Samuel 12:14-15

President Bush gave a powerful explanation about his faith during the third debate, "But when I make decisions, I stand on principle, and the principles are derived from who I am." and "I pray for strength. I pray for wisdom. I pray for our troops in harm's way. I pray for my family. I pray for my little girls. "

In that same debate, John Kerry claims to believe, but says that he cannot legislate his beliefs on others. "And I think that everything you do in public life has to be guided by your faith, affected by your faith, but without transferring it in any official way to other people. That's why I fight against poverty. That's why I fight to clean up the environment and protect this earth. That's why I fight for equality and justice. All of those things come out of that fundamental teaching and belief of faith." Isn't he contradicting himself?

My main concern with John Kerry is that he seems to lack a moral compass. I believe that the Bible is to be taken literally; therefore, I believe that we and our "king" need to follow God's commands. Look at 2 Chronicles 28 - 29 to see the contrast between a nation governed by a godly king vs. an ungodly king. I'll choose Bush.

Rick Boucher is running from his record

In the Virginia 9th district congressional race, Republican challenger Kevin Triplett has repeatedly issued challenges to incumbent Democrat Rick Boucher to appear at a series of debates. Boucher has agreed to one debate in Roanoke this Friday which will be broadcast to about 1/3 of the 9th district voters forgoing the others citing a busy schedule. Triplett wanted multiple debates or candidate forums throughout the district to allow the majority of voters an opportunity to hear from the candidates. Boucher's refusal to participate in the forums has caused organizers to cancel them. He was invited to appear at forums on October 19 and October 21. Instead he will be attending fundraisers (see them here and here). Why is Boucher afraid to debate? Perhaps he doesn't want people to find out the truth about his record that it reflect's John Kerry's values more than Southwest Virginia values.

If the president can take time out from prosecuting a war and conducting a national campaign to take questions from voters on three occasions, shouldn't Southwest Virginia expect our Congressman to forgo a couple of fundraisers to answer our questions?

Polls being manipulated to help Kerry?

Hugh Hewitt mentioned in his weekend symposium wrap-up that there is a theory being tossed around that pollsters have been manipulating their data to try to give the impression of a Kerry surge. Here is the original analysis from Steven den Beste. This brought to mind a book I recently read by Clay Jacobsen (who is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers) entitled "Circle of Seven". In it, the protagonist, an investigative reporter, discovers a group of media elite who are using polls to manipulate public opinion as well as policy decisions. It's a fascinating look at how polls are conducted. If you weren't skeptical about opinion polls before you certainly will be after reading this book.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

2005...A Year of Surprises

In the spirit of John Kerry's claim that President Bush has a January Surprise planned to completely privatize Social Security, I thought it might be fun to come up with a "surprise" plan for each month of next year.

January Surprise- privatize Social Security

February Surprise - send Kim Jeong Il a mushy Valentine

March Surprise - wear a "Kiss me I'm Irish" button on St. Patrick's Day even though everyone knows he's German (wait...that's the other guy).

April Surprise - require the entire senate to visit NASA and dress in bunny suits

May Surprise - rename Mothers' Day the Mother of all Days

June Surprise - replace White House Rose Garden with baseball diamond because he continues to hear "if you build it, they will come"

July Surprise - repair crack in Liberty Bell

August Surprise - name Ken Lay as the new Federal Reserve Chairman

September Surprise - ask Hamid Karzai for fall fashion advice

October Surprise - further alienate international community by trick-or-treating on embassy row dressed as Jaques Chirac

November Surprise - enter a giant UBL balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

December Surprise - issue hit Christmas release "I saw Putin kissing Santa Claus"

Friday, October 15, 2004

Why are we outraged?

The Kerry campaign seems mystified that so many people on the left and on the right are irate over the remarks made Wednesday night about Mary Cheney.

I'm a let me explain it to them. My child is not "fair game" in anyone's political debate unless she is a candidate. Had Mary Cheney been at the other podium, then John Kerry's remark about her personal life would have been acceptable.

Mary Cheney is working on her father's campaign. She is his child and I think it's admirable that she is supporting him despite what must be political differences. Ultimately, the relationship between parent and child should supercede the political debate of the day.

Recently, our nine year old has taken an interest in the Congressional race for the 9th District of Virginia where we live (primarily because the candidate Kevin Triplett is a family friend). She has attended rallies, marched in parades, and helped with the distribution of campaign fliers. Does this make her "fair game" for Triplett's opponent?

I am reminded of the 1983 movie The Dead Zone in which a shady politician's career came to an end when he used a baby as a human shield during a blast of gunfire. (I won't make any further commentary on the fact that the politician was portrayed by Martin Sheen.) Kerry was taking fire on the issue of gay marriage, so he "picked up" Dick Cheney's child to deflect attention away from himself.

His hope was that he would use her to hurt her father among the conservative base of the Republican party; instead, he left parents across America and both parties with their mouths agape. The fallout from his very deliberate remark will be significant. Many from his own party will, I imagine, find it difficult to pull the lever or punch the chad for a man who doesn't understand basic decency.

As for Elizabeth Edwards, don't even get me started! One mother who would take on another mother's relationship with her child for political gain doesn't deserve to be a heartbeat away from becoming our First Lady.

Information Overload

How strange it has been to go from last week which became an unintentional fast from the news and the internet to this week which has been a flood of information. Today I experienced what I would call "information overload" meaning that I was so overwhelmed with information that I couldn't think straight.

Let's face it, we can be bombarded with information if we allow it. Never has information been more abundant. I'm constantly amazed at what there is to be found on the internet. In a way it's like a scavenger hunt surfing the net to see what we can find. But how easily it slips into surfing for the sake of surfing without any specific objective that we are trying to meet. Before I know it, valuable hours have been wasted that could have been better spent on other things.

Don't get me wrong, I think there is value to the internet. There is also value in following the news and staying informed on the events of the day. However, it has become more critical than ever to carefully choose what sources we seek information from especially given the recent missteps in the MSM.

So what do I consider my reliable sources? Where should I be going for information? Most importantly, how do I balance my need to be informed with the demands that my job, my wife, my children, my church, and most importantly my walk with God place upon my time? Time is a precious commodity that cannot afford to be wasted.

First, I have to recognize the limited amount of time I have available to seek out news and information. There are many blogs out there, for instance, that update numerous times during the day. There are others that post maybe only once or twice a day. Which do I choose? Which news sources can I trust to provide reliable information? Which sources do I know share my worldview which is shaped by my faith? Which sources am I likely to disagree with but at least will make me think through my positions?

As far as news is concerned, the best site I have found is NewsMax. It tends to focus on real news rather than gossip. As an e-mail alert subscriber I get top stories delivered to my e-mail account that I can read at my leisure and still feel current on events.

For commentary, I recommend Townhall which provides an e-mail summary daily of conservative commentary and The Federalist which has an e-mail summary three times a week of key political happenings.

As far as blogs are concerned, Hugh Hewitt posts frequently but not so much that I can't keep up. Plus, he's on top of what's happening in the blogosphere and will link to key commentaries. Neal Boortz has a great daily blog that also serves as his program notes. His Reading Assignments at the end of the blog are a great summary of important news articles and editorials.

For Christian commentary, I go to Mark Roberts and Evangelical Outpost. Mark seems to focus more on issues facing the church while Evangelical Outpost will tackle a variety of issues.

In the wake of my overload syndrome, I've also decided it's best not to overdo it on talk radio. Again, the internet provides amazing access to talk radio programs and there have been days where I've had it going all day. That also seems to be feeding my overload. So, I am going to have to narrow it down to one program that I will listen to and even at that I won't listen every day. For me, the logical choice is Hugh Hewitt's show. First, Hugh is a Christian and conservative so I know that he has a similar religious worldview as well as political worldview to my own. But probably the biggest reason I would choose his show is the ability to listen anytime I want. His Los Angeles affiliate, KRLA, has an online archive which allows you to listen to the latest show on demand. That helps me a lot to know I don't have to worry about meeting the show's schedule and can listen in whenever I want to.

It's important to be informed. It's more important to seek truth. In the tidal wave of information that washes over us daily that truth is sometimes hard to find. It comes down to knowing where to look for it. But the one place that we can always find truth is in God's word, the Bible. And it is there that we need to be first before we go anywhere else.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Check out this...

This post from Hugh Hewitt is absolutely priceless. I can't say it any better than he does.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Silent No More

I believe that Christians face a unique opportunity to stand up and be counted this election cycle. I think the president did a wonderful job last week defining clearly his position on the protection of life. We also got a pretty clear picture of where his opponent stands.

Locally, the contrast is equally defined. Rick Boucher's voting record is in lock-step with Planned Parenthood and militant pro-abortion group NARAL. Today, Kevin Triplett received the endorsement of the National Right to Life Committee.

To make the choice clearer for us husband saw a bumper sticker that said "Stop Killing Babies, Stop Rick Boucher."

First, let me say, that I contacted Boucher's office by e-mail on Sept. 21st at 5:44 and asked what the Congressman's stand was on women's reproductive rights. I received a response at 5:57 asking for my home address. By 6:01, I had responded with that information.....and guess what??? I haven't heard another peep from Boucher's office despite follow up e-mails.

I guess, though, that his voting record speaks for itself.
  • He voted against the ban on partial birth abortions.
  • He thinks that minors should have the right to an abortion without parental consent (btw...we recently had the girls' ears pierced which required that their dad show i.d. and fill out a fairly lengthy release).
  • He thinks that your tax dollars should pay for:

abortion on demand for low-income women

abortion on demand for women living in more than 150 other countries

abortion on demand for military personnel living overseas

abortion on demand for women in federal prisons

  • He voted against HR 1997 ...more commonly known as Laci and Connor's Law...which would make it an offense to kill an unborn child during an act of violence against the mother

No wonder he got $10,000 support from militant Pro-Abortion group NARAL. Please tell your family and friends who supports Boucher and why...we cannot continue to be silent. It's time we had a congressman who represents the values of our district rather than pandering to special interest groups.

And...if you have even a little cash to spare (minimum on-line donation is $10) go to Triplett's website and donate.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
Edmund Burke (1729 - 1797)

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Random Thoughts

On the way home from vacation and finally have Internet access again. Actually, we had it but only if we were willing to pay a hefty fee. No thanks. I'd rather buy more souvenirs for the girls.

Just finished watching the opening of Saturday Night Live. First time I've watched it in years. They opened with a parody of last night's debate that was hilarious.

Since we didn't have the Internet readily available while we were gone we handed off maintenance of the blog to Sister Sophist. Thanks to her for keeping things going while we were out of pocket. She continues to impress me with her breadth of knowledge on a variety of subjects. Anytime I can't find some piece of information I need, I know I can turn to her and she'll know it or know where to find it.

We also didn't watch any news during the week. It was both strange and refreshing. It felt a little odd being out of touch with what was going on in the world. However, when we turned on the news tonight we realized we hadn't missed much. The break from the constant influx of information was much needed.

We did take time last night to watch the presidential debate. I'll have some thoughts on that in the next couple of days. I'm still mulling over some things I observed during the debate. The bottom line is President Bush clearly won this debate.

Kudos to Charles Gibson for his outstanding job moderating the debate. The questions selected were equally tough on both candidates. The questions were also refreshingly direct - not something we are accustomed to seeing from the MSM.

Bill O'Reilly said last night after the debate that he was willing to meet with Senator Kerry anytime to do the same type of interview he did with President Bush. I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for the Senator's call.

We spent at least a couple of days over at Disney World. Even celebrated my birthday in the Magic Kingdom. At least I was able to act and feel like a kid and not be ashamed.

The reason Disney World is the best place to take the family for vacation is the folks who work there (in Disneyspeak they are called cast members). Hats off to two cast members in particular - Kat at Cape May Cafe and Teresa Marie at O'Hana who made our visits especially memorable.

Apparently there is a new program that Disney has that allows college students to come work at the parks for a semester and continue to take college courses. It gives them a taste of working for Disney while allowing them to continue their studies. We met a lot of students while we were there (it was the first time we noticed that there were college students working in the parks) and across the board they all were enjoying the experience. I can only imagine how cool it is to work there. I keep saying to Mommypundit that when I retire we should relocate to Orlando so we can go work at Disney World.

More to come soon.

Back from Fantasyland

Thanks to Sister Sophist for keeping the blog afloat while I sat poolside sipping something fruity. I fear that I will be found lacking when it comes to revolutionary historical allusions. Sister Sophist would most surely be my phone-a-friend were I ever in need of one.

Musicman and I decided that while in paradise, we would take the week away from the blogosphere and MSM to have some quality family time. Quite refreshing.

We were shocked upon our return to find that the post-debate spin doctors had delivered the country a massive dose of Kool-Aid and convinced most Americans that President Bush had lost the first debate miserably. We had all watched the same debate a week ago and saw it for what it was. Bush was real and Kerry was doing his best geek-cum-debate team impersonation kissing up to moderator Jim Lehrer and batting all those marshmallow questions that were being lobbed his way.

By Monday, as Sister Sophist said, there must have been quite a bit of Monday morning quarterbacking. We need to make sure that we remind people that being the president requires more than smooth debating's the substance that matters. The president is forthright, we know what he stands for. The liberal senator from Massachusetts has plans upon plans...he's just not willing to tell us what they are. Where I come from, that's called buying a pig in a poke.

UPDATE: Scrappleface has a great link about John Kerry's many plans.

Monday, October 04, 2004

And another thing.....

I e-mailed the folks at NBC Nightly News the other day to tell them what I think of Tom Brokaw's remarks about the bloggers. I very respectfully told him that he was dealing with an information revolution and it would be smart of him to sit up and aknowledge it and even welcome it. I included information on Thomas Paine, one of our country's great patriots and publisher of Common Sense. In this treatise, Paine argues that it's just "common sense" that England and America should go their separate ways. What a revolutionary thought for the times and certainly timely, considering that many others were having the same ideas. What would our country be if it weren't for the efforts of so called "rebels" who took a risk and stated their beliefs and were willing to fight to protect them. I think many of the bloggers out there are just that. They are the Common Sense treatise of the new century and are demanding that the MSM roll with the changes. No longer are we subjects of the nightly news shows of our parent's generation. We have options and are smart enough to use them. What a pitiful excuse for a human race we'd be, if we were given the intelligence to question situations and then not use that ability. I'm all for bloggers! I spend quite a bit of my time lost in the blogosphere and I believe that the revolution is underway. Tom, Dan, Peter, are you ready to rumble?

Sister Sophist's Scribblings

Monday Morning Quarterbacking

While cleaning my kitchen, I was listening to the sports segment on the local news. What a bunch of whiners some Redskins fans are! All I heard was griping about the quarterback, the coach, the defense, the offense....made me think of last week's debate. How, you say? Well, when the announcement was made that Joe Gibbs was returning to the area and would coach the Skins again, joy abounded! You would have thought it was VE day all over again. Predictions of Super Bowl glory and the return to former greatness were all anyone could talk about. Now, a few short weeks later and doom and gloom have settled in. I'm disgusted...not with the team, but with the fans. It makes me think of the way Bush supporters were acting in the halcyon days leading up to the first debate. George Bush could do no wrong and Kerry was going to be trounced, or at least we hoped. I chose not to watch the debates, but rather kept up with 5 live bloggers and, wouldn't you know? Tthe Skin's fan philosophy prevailed and that was after only the first five minutes of debating. What a bunch of negative ninnies! You'd have thought W was drooling and scratching himself alongside elegantly turned out French Johnnie. I read posts that went from bad to worse and then some and I came away with the feeling that George had ruined it all. Well, it's Monday morning and Joe Gibbs and I have a different outlook on things. I choose to be optimistic and I'm sure Gibbs would rather be optimistic than beat himself up. The Skins have come a long way in a short time after years of disjointedness (if that's a word). I have great hopes for them and I'm not even a native to D.C. I also have great hopes for Bush. He's a scrappy fighter, maybe not as elegantly manicured as some, but I'd rather have him in my corner anyday. So here's to Joe Gibbs and George Bush. This Monday morning quarterback has every faith in both of you.! Let the pessimists moan and groan, but both men will be looking good come November!

Blogging for Mommypundit who's at a resort (REMEMBER!!!)
sister sophist

Saturday, October 02, 2004

A battle of worldviews

Kathleen Parker makes a great point today. This election is not about policies or proposals, but about worldviews. Take time to read it.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Why a blog?

Mommypundit correctly pointed out in her first post that much of the inspiration for starting this blog came from Hugh Hewitt. In fact, it would be safe to say that one of the most affirming signs for me was reading his book If It's Not Close, They Can't Cheat: Crushing the Democrats in Every Election and Why Your Life Depends on It. His book was really more affirmation of our recent involvement in politics (more about that later) than about blogging. However, it was our interest and involvement in politics that really served as the impetus for starting the blog.

Let's face it, there is only one issue we really need to be concerned about in this election. Who will keep us safe? Will it be Republicans or Democrats? A quick review of recent events will show you that Republicans truly understand the threats our country faces and will do everything possible to eliminate the threats before they come to fruition.

So back to how we recently became involved in politics. We've always had an interest in politics and have tried our best to stay abreast of what's happening in the world. But it has only been in the last few months that an opportunity to really be involved has presented itself. It's been almost 2 years since we moved to Southwest Virginia. Of the many people we have met and become friends with are Kevin and Jill Triplett. When we first met them we were only vaguely aware of his campaign for the U. S. House 9th district seat in Virginia. As we got to know them better, we discovered that Kevin and Jill decided to raise their family where they both grew up. Then Kevin decided to run for Congress against 22 year incumbent Rick Boucher. Never before had we personally known someone who was involved in politics and certainly not on the federal level. Here was an opportunity to get involved in a campaign. Here was an opportunity to do more than simply say we support Kevin. We were being called to get involved.

That's really the message of Hugh's book. It's time to get involved. It's time to do everything we can to make sure that Republicans are elected. Which brings me back to why we started this blog. A couple of weeks ago, mommypundit was doing some research on Rick Boucher's voting record (research which incidentally became her post on Southwest Virginia Values. After spending a great deal of time researching this issue and coming up with lots of interesting information (testimony to the power of the Internet - you can find just about anything) she was left frustrated at the end of the evening not knowing what to do with all her hard work. This blog is the result of that research.

Of course, not everything we write about will be political. We expect in the coming weeks to write about a whole variety of issues. We are also realistic that we're probably not going to be as widely read as Hugh Hewitt, Kerry Spot, Powerline, Instapundit, Best of the Web, or any of the many other blogs that we read on an almost daily basis. So we won't get hung up on whether lots of people read what we have to say. What we hope is that folks will drop by to see what we've posted and take the information we've found and share it with others. That's all we can ask for.

Southwest Virginia Values

The battle for the Fighting Ninth has heated up in recent days. Incumbent Rick Boucher has some splaining to do (I watched way too many Lucy re-runs) about his record in Washington where he claims to be representing Southwest Virginia Values.

Challenger Kevin Triplett has a recent addition to his website that takes Boucher to task for not being straight with the voters of Southwest Virginia. Among the issues is Boucher's claim to represent Southwest Virginia Values while voting against the ban on partial birth abortion (despite provisions in the legislation to protect the life of the mother).

Also interesting to note...Boucher's campaign has received $1,000 from pro-abortion group Planned Parenthood and $10,000 from the militant abortion rights organization NARAL. (see Open Secrets.) Both Planned Parenthood and NARAL give Boucher straight A's for his voting record, an honor given to only two other ultra-liberal Virginia congressmen. (We mommies can tell a lot from report cards.)

So does Boucher represent Southwest Virginia Values in Washington? ......."Lucy, you got some 'splaining to do."