Thursday, September 30, 2004

posting poser

I have actually been invited to post on this site by my sister, mommypundit, but the invitation link does not work. So, I'm assuming her name and posting my thoughts anyway.
I did not watch the debates. I wanted to check in and see exactly how orange Kerry was and how nice his manicure looked, but I prayed for GWB, called out Spanish vocab to my son, and read Arthur's TV Trouble to my six year old. Very pleasant. Everyone in bed, lights out, head to the computer. Man, oh man! The fur was flying fast and furious! Back and forth I went from The Corner to Hugh Hewitt, Poliblog to Kerryspot, then to the Commissar. Smoke poured from my laptop as, one after another, I kept at it. I'm really glad I didn't watch. I think it would have been too much for me. I'll watch the talking heads in the morning and see what's up.

Mommypundit is off on vacation in the morning. She'll be heading to a lovely resort and I'm encouraging her to blog poolside. Of course I'm jealous. Let's see....she's at a resort, pool-side, palm trees, ....I'm car-pooling, dog walking, homework checking, dinner wrangling, laundry I need to go on? I think it might be fun, if I can get my rightful entry into her blog, to show the differences in our week. By the way, did I mention I have a leaky pipe over my fam. room that has created a lovely soggy spot? I touched it and my hand went through, so now I have a gaping hole. I'll be thinking of Mommypundit while I'm dealing with plumbers and drywallers.

Best of luck to Mommypundit as she starts off on this grand adventure.

Check the Facts

Sitting watching the debate, my DH keeps shouting at the tube refuting many of Kerry's contentions. In awe at his vast political knowledge, I ask how he knows all this stuff. He referred me to this excellent article from Robert Novak

This is an amazing example of how the public is no longer at the mercy on the main stream media. We have a responsibility to check the facts for ourselves. See Acts 17:11...Paul encouraged people to check up on him to see if what he says is true.

Read the article, then see how what we're watching stacks up against the facts.

To Watch or Not to Watch

I'm watching the debate tonight. My sister is not. She has decided to spend the 90 minutes praying for him and calling out Spanish vocab. words to her teenager. After watching the President for the last few nights on O'Reilly, I sense a peace about him. Standing by his convictions, he should fare well. Watching or praying---or watching and praying, this debate certainly deserves our attention.

Me??? A Blogger??

This seems a little crazy to me, but my DH has convinced me that I need a forum to share with others all the strong opinions he hears from me at the end of the day. He's just finished Hugh Hewitt's new book and it inspired him to inspire me. we go.