Monday, February 28, 2005

Watching Pollyanna

I've spent the snowy morning watching Pollyanna with my girls...hey, even homeschoolers take a snow day now and then. What is amazing to me is how often we see the name "Pollyanna" used derisively when referring to those who are optimistic. This timeless story of one little girl who changed a town by her winning optimism should be a cause for applause rather than scorn.

Our president has been referred to as a "Pollyanna." (See here and here.) Others in the administration have also been given this moniker (Condi Rice and Dick Cheney).

As we were watching the movie, I saw the news break on Free Republic that the pro-Syrian leader of the Lebanese government had resigned.

"Wow. First the Taliban, then Saddam, then Libya, then Yassir That's My Baby. Now, Assad is feeling the heat. These are historic times," said commenter tecnomage.

Many thought that President Bush's inaugural speech was too ambitious and optimistic. Optimism was a catalyst for change for Pollyanna, I think it will work for us, too.