Monday, January 03, 2005

What I Did On My Christmas Vacation

Sorry to have taken so long away from the blogosphere. I have taken time to read many of my favorite blogs over the last few weeks, but haven't taken the time to write.

While I was "out" I...

...sewed seven angel costumes, one Mary, and scrounged from other churches to obtain enough shepherds, wisemen, and Joseph costumes to outfit 22 children. My goal this year is to make shepherds and wisemen enough and to have it done by June 25th. I feel that it is important to have the traditional children's nativity. There's something precious about innocents draped in robes and crowned with tinsel welcoming the Messiah.

...baked several dozen cookies. My favorite this year was a wonderful chocolate chip recipe...casualty--one 14-year-old hand mixer...benefit--one new stand mixer to arrive tomorrow.

...made twenty fleece scarves. One of my favorite patterns here. Also, made the cutest hats for a friend's twins. It's neat to see how home-made gifts warm the hearts of friends and family. I hadn't sewn in (yikes) 20 years, but borrowed a machine from a friend and I was off to the races. Daddypundit sat with me and read blogs while I stitched into the wee hours.

I enjoyed saying "Merry Christmas" to everyone I encountered this year more than ever. I felt the fullness of the season this year like never before. I think that the stories of the theophobic assault on the celebration of our Savior's birth emboldened me. I gave a hearty "Merry Christmas" and enjoyed depositing coins in red kettles with a renewed appreciation. I hope your Christmas was equally blessed.