Saturday, January 29, 2005

Prom Dresses and Modesty

I remember my senior prom (won't say how long ago) when girls were moving out of hoop skirts to a "sexier" look. Many of us went with shorter lengths...I mean tea length...not short by today's standards. We wore dresses with straight lines and spaghetti straps.

One friend wanted to be a standout. She was in an ultra-tight, strapless, sequined dress that had a slit from floor to hip. Most of the guys spent the evening making hooker jokes about her. It was sad. She was definitely a standout, just not the way she intended. The message she wanted to send was certainly not the message received by our classmates.

I was reminded of her when I saw this dress on television this week. Later, I enjoyed reading Michelle Malkin's post about the same dress.

The message this dress sends..."I'm desperate to be noticed and I have no self-respect."

Christian women need to speak out--mainly to their own kids--about what kind of message we send when we choose to dress provocatively.

Dannah Gresh offers some practical tools on her blog to help us teach our girls to evaluate their own wardrobes.

Also, I found these websites that have many beautiful modest dresses.

Great Lengths
Sabrina Nicole

Modestprom has more.

Dory at Wittenberg Gate says that immodesty communicates the message "I'm available." She also advises that mothers with young girls start teaching modesty before their teen years. I plan to sit down with our girls to show them these photos. The message I'd like to send to our daughters..."You're precious...treat yourselves that way."