Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Thousands Pray for Baby--Doctors Confounded

In the wake of the recent revelation that the Netherlands is practicing infanticide, Hugh Hewitt has been doing a great job rallying the troops who might have otherwise missed the Groningen story.

I wanted to stop for a minute to recount the stories of miracle survival of some of God's precious babies. Against the "odds" they were given, these parents made choices that have been difficult, yet they resulted in the joy that can only be gained by following God's will in protecting those "with no free will."

First, the story that gives the title for this post...Baby William Goforth --now 2 years old.

"Despite a sustained barrage of pressure from physicians to let their child die, home school parents Josh and Noelle Goforth continue to fight for the life of their baby. As thousands pray for little William, he has taken a stunning and seemingly miraculous turn for the better, utterly confounding the medical professionals overseeing the care of the baby, who unanimously predicted that William would die, be condemned to a vegetative state, or be incapable of living apart from a machine. Even after it was clear that little William might survive physically, many sought to have the Goforths remove life support on the basis of the fact that they believed the quality of his life to be of minimal benefit, and the existence of a severely handicapped child would pose a great burden on the parents.

Additional pressure has been directed at the Goforths, including highly coercive meetings by social workers, to receive state welfare money to help provide for present and future expenses surrounding the care of the baby. Because of their biblical convictions concerning socialism, the Goforths have declined such programs and are seeking to provide through other means. Please remember them and their precious baby in your prayers and consider supporting the Baby William Fund." (From Vision Forum)

Second, baby Hadley Keck--birth weight 15.5 she's six months old and doing very well. Her parents credit Hadley's progress to the answered prayers of thousands.

Third, baby Emily Mansen--birth weight 1lb. 9.5 oz....Emily is now almost five and the light of her parents' life. This is a family that we know personally and we are ever amazed at the amazing changes in this child on the family's annual Christmas card.

I can think of no better thing than to pray that God will give many more families the courage to defy earthly wisdom and choose to protect this precious gift of life. Hugh Hewitt has been doing a great job rallying the troops who might have otherwise missed the Groningen story.