Saturday, December 11, 2004

A Modern Christmas Carol---Bah!

Last night a group of our friends attended a local theater adaptation of A Christmas Carol.

A Modern Christmas Carol began with Mr. S seated at his desk barking orders at Cratchit, his personal secretary; and so, it predictably droned on through the entire first act. Adapted by the theater director, the play was barely salvaged by the outstanding performances of most of the actors.

Here's the problem: About 15 minutes into the first act, the political agenda began to bleed through.

Here's what we got...

Mr. S (the name annoyed me throughout) was approached by a charitable organization collecting money for veterans because our Federal Veterans Administration is grossly underfunded.

The character collecting charitable contributions also said that poverty increased the crime rate.

Mr. S was closing down his factory here so that he could move jobs to China and Indonesia.

A caricature of a Christian conservative suggested that we give each other guns for Christmas so that we could shoot the liberals.

The good nephew, Fred, was called a liberal by Mr. S. (the evil capitalist)

There were repeated references to the tumbling economy, video shots of the Iraq war, and a scene where an Iraqi insurgent knelt to pray with an American GI in the desert, both longing for their families....equating the humanity of the two.

I felt like I had been Dixie-Chicked. We went for a play...instead, we got two hours of left-wing propoganda.

The evening would have been a total loss had it not been for the wonderful company of friends at dinner before the show and dessert afterwards.