Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Why We Homeschool

LaShawn Barber has written a post on an unfortunate curriculum decision made by the Montgomery County, MD school system. Over the objections of parents, the adopted curriculum includes films which show condoms being placed on cucumbers. The board is discussing adding another film in which students would learn the wonders of food-flavored condoms.

The story goes on to say that parents objected to the apparent endorsement of homosexuality in the program. One parent had to immediately defend her deeply held religious beliefs against what she knew would be an attack on her as a homophobe. (Apparently any worldview is acceptable as long as it is not based on one's faith.)

So...why do we homeschool? One of the primary reasons is based on this issue of worldview. We have two children who are avid readers, eager students, and curious learners. We feel that everything they learn should be viewed through the prism of God's Word.

A friend recently wanted to review the family-life education material to be taught in her daughter's elementary school. She was told that the material would be available for a two-hour period on a Tuesday evening. Unable to attend that meeting due to prior commitments, my friend called the school board office to find an alternate time to view the material. She was told that it would only be available during the advertised time frame.

So ultimately the question is "Do parents have any say-so over the ideals that are being promoted to their children?" Our answer--homeschoolers do.