Friday, November 26, 2004

Surviving Thanksgiving

We have just returned from my mother's house where we celebrated a lovely Thanksgiving holiday with Sistersophist and family. There are seven children in our family, but only the Sister and I were able to make it home with families this year. As we have aged, grown, and scattered, it has become increasingly difficult to get everyone home for the holiday.

Nonetheless, my mom cooked as if the usual mob would be descending. The 21lb. turkey finally finished cooking at around 3:00 (as Daddypundit accurately predicted.) The casseroles took an additional hour to had been up at 4:30 making the traditional rolls. We were finally seated around 4:00 for our Thanksgiving "lunch." I should note that the Sister and I each made a Jello-salad...I think our age is showing:)

All said, however, the day was a major family arguments, no calls to the police department, no one got shot...hate to stereotype Southerners, but that's who we are. The only crime committed this year was that of Sistersophist's dog, Daisy, who helped herself to the remains of the German chocolate cake. I was glad I had gotten my piece first.

See this for a family who didn't fare so well.