Wednesday, November 03, 2004

It's Time for More Sense than Sensibility

Miss Dashwood Reflects on the Election Posted by Hello

Elinor Dashwood over at Mommentary says this:

This brings up a thing I've been thinking about for a while. I've been coming to the conclusion that it's not only important to defeat pro-abortion candidates at the polls. It's also necessary to refuse to play along with the Left's implicit claim that they're quite respectable citizens. It isn't respectable to want it to be legal to tear babies apart.

The elder Miss Dashwood makes a fine point here. It is not at all respectable to want a procedure like partial-birth abortion to be legal. It is not at all respectable to vote for candidates who defend such a procedure....badly done, badly done.

What amazes me is that our district voted overwhelmingly for President Bush with 59% of the vote and the same district elected ultra-liberal Rick Boucher with 59% of the vote. I realize this is somewhat redundant with an earlier post, but I am all astonishment that people could have voted for two men who are polar opposites on important issues like abortion and security. Boucher's record on abortion is disasterous for our nation.

I can only assume that the people of this district continue to vote for Boucher out of habit or possibly that they are ignorant of his record. If you live in Virginia's 9th, please begin now informing your neighbors...we cannot allow this travesty to continue.

(Mommypundit promises that I will not revert to Jane Austen in future posts unless it is absolutely warranted.)