Saturday, October 30, 2004

Where is our Passion?

As you may know from earlier posts, our nine year old has been interested in all things political this year. She routinely boos and cheers at yard signs. She's attended several political events and has been eager to help distribute campaign information.

It came as a shock to us, however, when she wanted to watch the Republican National Convention. She was transfixed by the strange hats, the boisterous activity, and the really loud music. We thought her attention to the speeches was nominal. That was until Michael Reagan spoke. He said, "My mother, father and birth-mother were pro-life, and pro-adoption."

Our daughter turned to us and asked, "What's pro-life?"

When we explained, in the vaguest of terms, what abortion is, our daughter asked, "Is that legal in this country?"

When told that it is legal, she burst into uncontrollable tears. She was appalled. I tried to console her, but there were no words. It was then that I realized how jaded I had become to the slaughter of millions of innocent babies each year. Once, I had been passionate about them, volunteering at the Crisis Pregnancy Center.

In this election cycle, security had been my main concern. Other people spoke of jobs, the economy, and education. While all these are important issues, the issue of abortion had somehow fallen victim to the fear of political incorrectness.

I was adamantly opposed to Kerry and our Congressman Rick Boucher because of their stand on abortion, but it was second or third on my list of reasons to vote against them.

After that night, my determination was set, my passion renewed. We had a presidential candidate and a congressman who acted as if abortion was a "wrenching" issue for them, despite the fact that both had voted in favor of the most heinous form of the procedure, partial birth abortion.

Part of my motivation for starting this blog was to let anyone who would listen hear the record of these two candidates. Kerry claims to be against abortion (HT: The Corner's KLopez). Yet he votes time and time again along with the strictest pro-abortion agenda. Boucher has been called "somewhat more liberal than his district (Bible-belt SW Virginia)" by the local media, but gets consistent high ratings and financial support from NARAL and Planned Parenthood.

We cannot continue to vote for someone because of economics, jobs, security, etc. no matter how important those issues are and turn a blind eye to their support of the killing of millions of innocent babies.

The National Right to Life Committee has an interesting article called Pursuing Moral Clarity that sums up this issue quite well. I'd encourage you to read it.