Monday, October 04, 2004

Monday Morning Quarterbacking

While cleaning my kitchen, I was listening to the sports segment on the local news. What a bunch of whiners some Redskins fans are! All I heard was griping about the quarterback, the coach, the defense, the offense....made me think of last week's debate. How, you say? Well, when the announcement was made that Joe Gibbs was returning to the area and would coach the Skins again, joy abounded! You would have thought it was VE day all over again. Predictions of Super Bowl glory and the return to former greatness were all anyone could talk about. Now, a few short weeks later and doom and gloom have settled in. I'm disgusted...not with the team, but with the fans. It makes me think of the way Bush supporters were acting in the halcyon days leading up to the first debate. George Bush could do no wrong and Kerry was going to be trounced, or at least we hoped. I chose not to watch the debates, but rather kept up with 5 live bloggers and, wouldn't you know? Tthe Skin's fan philosophy prevailed and that was after only the first five minutes of debating. What a bunch of negative ninnies! You'd have thought W was drooling and scratching himself alongside elegantly turned out French Johnnie. I read posts that went from bad to worse and then some and I came away with the feeling that George had ruined it all. Well, it's Monday morning and Joe Gibbs and I have a different outlook on things. I choose to be optimistic and I'm sure Gibbs would rather be optimistic than beat himself up. The Skins have come a long way in a short time after years of disjointedness (if that's a word). I have great hopes for them and I'm not even a native to D.C. I also have great hopes for Bush. He's a scrappy fighter, maybe not as elegantly manicured as some, but I'd rather have him in my corner anyday. So here's to Joe Gibbs and George Bush. This Monday morning quarterback has every faith in both of you.! Let the pessimists moan and groan, but both men will be looking good come November!

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