Friday, October 22, 2004

Bad Boyfriend Syndrome - Why Single Women Shouldn't Vote for Kerry/Edwards

We are very concerned about a story we heard today. It seems that married women are more strongly favoring the President, while single women are supporting the Democratic ticket.

This post is intended to encourage single women to reconsider their candidates. We are not trying to strong-arm anyone into changing her opinion; rather, this is an attempt from "older sisters" to warn "younger sisters" away from a bad choice.

We have been there. We have dated the "bad boyfriends." We know the signs and wish to spare our younger sisters the pain of entering a "bad relationship."

Think about it, you know the guys. You've dated them and may even be dating one now.

You are bright women. Don't get taken in by the "bad boyfriends."

Mommypundit and Sistersophist

UPDATE: If he tells you he resuscitated a hamster or met with the entire UN Security Council, you might want to pass on him, too.