Saturday, October 09, 2004

Back from Fantasyland

Thanks to Sister Sophist for keeping the blog afloat while I sat poolside sipping something fruity. I fear that I will be found lacking when it comes to revolutionary historical allusions. Sister Sophist would most surely be my phone-a-friend were I ever in need of one.

Musicman and I decided that while in paradise, we would take the week away from the blogosphere and MSM to have some quality family time. Quite refreshing.

We were shocked upon our return to find that the post-debate spin doctors had delivered the country a massive dose of Kool-Aid and convinced most Americans that President Bush had lost the first debate miserably. We had all watched the same debate a week ago and saw it for what it was. Bush was real and Kerry was doing his best geek-cum-debate team impersonation kissing up to moderator Jim Lehrer and batting all those marshmallow questions that were being lobbed his way.

By Monday, as Sister Sophist said, there must have been quite a bit of Monday morning quarterbacking. We need to make sure that we remind people that being the president requires more than smooth debating's the substance that matters. The president is forthright, we know what he stands for. The liberal senator from Massachusetts has plans upon plans...he's just not willing to tell us what they are. Where I come from, that's called buying a pig in a poke.

UPDATE: Scrappleface has a great link about John Kerry's many plans.