Sunday, October 24, 2004

Are Conservative Women Fair Game?

There apparently exists a double standard when it comes to the treatment of women. Conservative women that is.

The Ann Coulter attack by two pie-wielding men this week was appalling. I have no problem with dissenters attacking her ideology; however, an act of physical violence by two men on a woman would never before have received kudos from the left.

Michelle Malkin, who has an excellent post about the Coulter incident and the various left-wingers who reveled in this altercation, was on the receiving end of a verbal assault earlier this year on Hardball. While Chris Matthews didn't hurl pies at her, Michelle had to spend the segment dodging his spit as he verbally harangued her, not giving her the opportunity to respond.

It gave me pause to think that people would applaud the attempted assault of a woman (albeit with pies) in this day and age.

We know from the attack on Mary Cheney that you don't have to be a vocal advocate of conservative values to be in the line of fire. Her mere association with a conservative (her father) made her "fair game" for the liberal attack machine. We sure didn't hear from the usual suspects in the women's movement defending her.

I thought the women's movement was about giving women freedom. Freedom to express themselves, for one thing. Apparently, you're only allowed that freedom if your views are in lockstep with Gloria Steinam.

UPDATE: First Michelle Malkin is verbally attacked, then Ann Coulter is attacked with pies, now Katherine Harris is nearly run down by some Cadillac driving maniac exercising his "political expression." Where does this kind of madness stop?

UPDATE: The guys at Powerline have more information. They share my concern over this type of violence.