Monday, October 04, 2004

And another thing.....

I e-mailed the folks at NBC Nightly News the other day to tell them what I think of Tom Brokaw's remarks about the bloggers. I very respectfully told him that he was dealing with an information revolution and it would be smart of him to sit up and aknowledge it and even welcome it. I included information on Thomas Paine, one of our country's great patriots and publisher of Common Sense. In this treatise, Paine argues that it's just "common sense" that England and America should go their separate ways. What a revolutionary thought for the times and certainly timely, considering that many others were having the same ideas. What would our country be if it weren't for the efforts of so called "rebels" who took a risk and stated their beliefs and were willing to fight to protect them. I think many of the bloggers out there are just that. They are the Common Sense treatise of the new century and are demanding that the MSM roll with the changes. No longer are we subjects of the nightly news shows of our parent's generation. We have options and are smart enough to use them. What a pitiful excuse for a human race we'd be, if we were given the intelligence to question situations and then not use that ability. I'm all for bloggers! I spend quite a bit of my time lost in the blogosphere and I believe that the revolution is underway. Tom, Dan, Peter, are you ready to rumble?

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